Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Khatami president to submitted message written chief's .N.U Nations United the of General Under-Secretary -- IRNA 3, Oct Tehran, President with meeting a in Oshima Kenzo Affairs Humanitarian the for global and regional latest the discussed Wednesday on here Khatami .events .N.U of part on message a president the to submitted further He .Annan Kofi Chief by played role the on commented meeting the in Khatami President would Iran said and developments recent the in Nations United the on commission hoc ad an form to body world the by plan any welcome provide to has said, he commission, Such .campaign anti-terrorism the to strategies forth setting before terrorism of definition clear a .phenomenon ominous this counter of massacres and violence of acts crimes, the behind those said He president The .seriously with dealt be should beings human the of fate the over concerns community's international the on commented .Afghanistan of people oppressed the Foreign Deputy Iranian by also attended was which meeting the In conveyed Oshima Aminzadeh, Mohsen Pacific and Asia the for Minister its for Iran thanked and Khatami President to regards chief's .N.U the to efforts its for and Nations United the with cooperation appropriate .people Afghan the for assistance humanitarian provide provide to Iranians the by move the "generous" as described He by adopted stance the supported further He .Afghans the to assistance Nations United the said and developments recent the vis-a-vis Iran Afghan the for aid humanitarian gather to efforts no spare would .people regional the for as plan .N.U the of details the on commented He .developments open to government Iranian the on called has he today said Oshima military .S.U a of case in refugees Afghan to borders sealed its has he if saying of short stopped but, neighbor, Iran's on strike countries other and Iran that hope We" .response positive a received to Afghans allow and borders their open would Afghanistan neighboring .Tehran in conference press a told he "in, come has refugees, Afghan million two than more has already which Iran, help to agreed has Tehran .refugees more out keep to border the sealed border the near up set be to camps new any wants but agencies, refugee .Afghanistan inside chief Refugees for Commissioner High Nations United Sunday, Last provide to Iran on called Grandi Filipp Afghanistan in mission of Iran into flood may who refugees Afghan 400,000 than more for support .States United the by attacks military possible of case in HB/JB End