Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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refugees Afghan to borders open to Iran on calls Oshima N's.U said Oshima Kenzo relief emergency top 's.N.U -- IRNA 3, Oct Tehran, its open to government Iranian the on called has he Wednesday here strikes military .S.U a of case in refugees Afghan to borders sealed a received has he if saying of short stopped but, neighbor, Iran's on .response positive Afghanistan neighboring countries other and Iran that hope We" .N.U "in, come to Afghans allow and borders their open would a told Oshima Kenzo Affairs Humanitarian for Under-Secretary-General .Tehran in conference press Iranian with meetings his in issue the addressed had he said He the and Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Khatami, Mohammad President .Mousavi-Lari Abdulvahed Interior the of Minister all that hope Nations United the is it that mention did I" allow to open borders their keep will Afghanistan around countries the with provided are assistance and protection deserve who people the .said Oshima "them, receive to opportunity sensitivities the of aware fully is he that said however, He, .borders the along emerge might which United the that government Iranian the of leaders the told have I" High Nations United the particularly agencies, humanitarian Nations in Iran of government the behind be will Refugees for Commissioner .said Oshima "problems, potential the addressing has refugees, Afghan million two than more has already which Iran, .refugees more out keep to border the sealed new any wants but agencies, refugee help to agreed has Tehran .Afghanistan inside border the near up set be to camps the as Taliban ruling Afghanistan's around tightened noose The .terrorism against alliance its forged further States United United the from received had it said Pakistan as mounted Pressure prime links says Washington that evidence of batch first the States New on attacks 11 September devastating the to Laden bin Osama suspect .Washington and York mobile its from troops 1,000 deploying begun has Army .S.U The of buildup major a join to Asia Central to Division Mountain 10th .said officials defense Afghanistan, around forces American Tuesday on Mashhad of city northeastern the in arrived who Oshima quite a is there that know We" said, Tehran, for heading before night inside villages and cities the toward movement population sizable ".Afghanistan the with cooperation its for government Iranian the thanked He Afghanistan, inside crisis current the with dealing in agencies .N.U humanitarian offering of terms in generous been has Iran that noting .Afghans the to assistance Iranian the of support and cooperation full of assured was I" that adding said, Oshima "juncture, sensitive a such at authorities its in .N.U with solidarity full his expressed has Khatami President which attacks 11 September the following terrorism against fight .missing or dead feared 6,000 nearly left have chief Refugees for Commissioner High Nations United Sunday, Last provide to Iran on called Grandi Filipp Afghanistan in mission of Iran into flood may who refugees Afghan 400,000 than more for support .States United the by attacks military possible of case in do to leaders Nations United the told have I" :said also Oshima Afghanistan's all also, but Iran, only not that ensure to best the ".contribute would neighbors Secretary-General .N.U from gratitude of message a carried I" Afghan the to hospitality its for government Iranian the to Annan Kofi reveal to authorized not was he that noting added, Oshima "refugees, is .N.U the that revelation the than other letter the of contents the Afghan to assistance humanitarian Iran's for thankful profoundly .refugees in emerging situation critical increasingly an of warned Oshima of delivery season, winter of advent the With" saying, Afghanistan, ".difficult more become would aid humanitarian AK/AH End