Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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chief ISI ex-Pak :capability war weapons, sufficient have Taliban Inter-Service Pakistan of Chief Former -- IRNA 3, Oct Islamabad, on Afghanistan about information of lack says Gul Hameed Intelligence, its for factor important an prove will States United the of part the .country that in failure a is Afghanistan that interview an in said he NNI, to According .information no have they which about country vast would Pakistan of agencies intelligence the said he question a To .regard this in effective be not also government and people Afghan the expectations, such have they If intelligence Pakistani the of access the and alerted get already have a raise would army Taliban The .difficult certainly be will there .intrusions intelligence prevent to bulwark fight to have not will they that mind in kept be should It" .nation Afghan entire the against but alone Taliban against they which at 19 August on Taliban of parade the witnessed I" missiles anticraft missiles, Origan missiles, Scud demonstrated 150 from that assess I Then .planes altitude high hitting of capable .said Gul Hameed "Afghanistan, in also are missiles Stingers 200 to effective other and BMT-2 BMT-1, APCs, tanks, have also They" Afghan entire the and war of state a in are they as Besides, .weapons had nation Afghan the think I .capability war its developed has nation have they than invasion Russian the of time the at resources few very .observed general retired the ,"today fact in that said he Taliban, the of strength the about Talking will militia, Taliban the called is what war, of strengthen real the number the continuing media Western the But .50,000 than more be not becomes man a when But .fighters the of spirit the not and troops of the Afghanistan, of case the in and life, his sacrifice to even ready also would people Besides, .that for ready become has nation entire .added he Pakistan, like countries other from support their for come TK-MMZ/AH End