Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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possible sector energy in savings huge says Official Efficient for Organization of Director Managing -- IRNA 3, Oct Tehran, dlrs to up that Wednesday here estimated Hashemi Mehdi Energy of Use .Iran in wasted is energy of billions more a promote to projects of implementation the given said He the in saved be can million 100-200 dlrs up use, energy efficient .alone sector household of amount the said he items, household on seminar a at Speaking local at calculated billion 15 dlrs is Iran in consumption fuel fossil .prices European at billion 90 dlrs and prices energy on laxity cultural a of prevalence `the lamented also He put was energy of use efficient for plan if that adding consumption', about of savings energy entailed have could it ago, years 20 forth about to consumption energy country's the lowering billion, seven dlrs .annually billion eight dlrs transportation the sectors, other to comparison in Currently, .energy of amount highest the consumes billion four dlrs with sector billion 7.2 dlrs at sector business and household by followed is This Hashemi sector, industrial in use energy of billion 2.2 dlrs and .underlined of tune-up engine timely that said he plan, saving energy an On the in consumption energy of percent 12 to up slash can automobiles figure the raise can technology advanced More .sector transportation .stated he percent, 42 to 42 to up of improvements be could there said, he Furthermore, .sector industrial the in consumption energy in percent billion, 1.2 at plants power in used energy the estimated Hashemi one dlrs at sector energy the in wastage and consumption energy agricultural the for used energy of million 700 dlrs over and billion .sector Review' `OPEC of issue 2000 September the in article an Meanwhile, .century 20th the during trends consumption energy Iran's on focused has Iran in consumption energy the that postulates articles The equivalent oil of kilograms 200 of level capita per a from increased more to century 20th of onset the at energies traditional for (KOE) .close century's the at energies commercial for KOE 1,700 than officials Shahbudaghlou, .F and Samsam-Bakhtiari .M.A authors The Iran's that estimate ,(NIOC) Company Oil Iranian National the at gas, natural products, refined of consisting consumption energy 4.209 about was matter animal and (charcoal) wood coal, hydropower, 1960 in capita per KOE 4.230 and (unit thermal British) BTU trillion capita, per KOE 1.783 and BTU trillion 1,211 to increasing .1980 in respectively, 7.4,549 at stood consumption energy total 1999, in that added It .capita per KOE 7.1,716 and BTU of feature' `salient the constituted gas that maintain authors The energy Iran's for reason the that adding use, energy 1990's Iran the oil crude from revenues increased :four-fold was trends consumption mainly a from shift the population, national in rise steep a exports, prices sale low the finally and one urban an to population rural state massive in resulting vectors energy most for nationwide charged .subsidies cheapest the among are prices electricity and oil gas, Iranian The real the that adding used, is rate exchange free the if world, the in declined almost been have (deflator GDP Iran's using) prices energy .1990's and 1980's in lows hit to continuously intensity' `energy of concept to turn authors the Moreover, of indicator aggregated and convenient broadly `a as defined .consumption' energy in efficiency has intensity energy the that shows article the figures Using in GDP (1990) 1000 /dlrs(BOE) equivalent oil barrel 9.3 from risen .1999 in BOE 7.14 projected a to 1950 highly is consumption energy domestic that indicates this ``While, stimulate significantly to failed has it that fact the inefficient, which predicament national difficult a brought has production domestic .remark authors the possible,'' as soon as addressed be to has natural and product refined) hydrocarbons of supremacy present The century new the in last will consumption energy internal the in (as embryonic the in still are sources energy renewable other the while .note officials NIOC the stage, energy internal curb to delineated be to have policies New products refined of use the restrain to specially and consumption have will gas natural moreover, and instead exported be could which Europe to export gas future and fuels liquids by left gap the fill to .concluded authors the continent, Asian and NB/AH End