Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Sarajevo to material construction of lorries 16 sends Iran lorries 16 sent has Jihad Agricultural Iran's -- IRNA 3, Oct Sarajevo, residential build Bosnia help to Sarajevo to materials construction of .war 1992-1995 the in destroyed areas the said Amir-Khalili Homayoun Sarajevo in Ambassador Iran's .war the after Bosnians to donated aid Iran's of part is consignment .Bosnians to aid shipping continue will Iran said Amir-Khalili Office Representative Jihad Agricultural Iran's of Head Meanwhile, preparation gardens, of restoration that said Mirhadi Mohsen Bosnia in irrigation of modernization agriculture, reviving for farmlands of will methods modern of use and breeding livestock of expansion system, .Bosnia in Jihad Agricultural Iran's of programs the among be BG/AH End