Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Friday Mashhad for leave to refugees Afghan for aid UK Second humanitaria containing flight British second A - IRNA 3, .Oct London, on Iran in Mashhad for leave to expected is refugees Afghan for aid said (DFID) Development International for Department the Friday, .Wednesday DFID the by charted plane cargo DC8 a as comes confirmation The tents 400 than more with loaded morning, Wednesday Iran in arrived .each people 20 to 15 sheltering of capable week last IRNA told Short Clare Secretary Development International refugees Afghan of plight the help to effort humanitarian the that .terrorism combat to efforts international match must there that announced spokesman official Minister's Prime Monday, On shelter emergency provide to week this Iran to flights two be would .Afghans fleeing the for some tents, winterised of tonnes 40 be would there Altogether, canvas and sheeting plastic of rolls with provided total, in 1,300 .(560,000 Dlrs) 400,000 Pnds of total a costing tarpaulins, help to million 36 Pnds of contributions announced has UK The .crisis refugee the handle countries neighbouring Afghanistan's to needed was 258m Dlrs said has Refugees for Commissioner High UN The .region the in crisis wide-scale the with deal HC/KS End