Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Rabbani :monarch Afghan as return to not Shah Zahir Mohammad Islamic the of head Rabbani, Burhannuddin -- IRNA 3, Oct Tehran, `Iran with interview exclusive an in Afghanistan, of Government being not is monarchy the" that said Wednesday, published News' discussions current of objective the that and "Afghanistan in restored return to not is Zahir-Shah Mohammad Monarch Afghan exiled the with .throne the to him is Shah Zahir with negotiations ongoing the of aim ultimate The" current the resolve to order in coalition national a form to .Rabbani added "Afghanistan, in predicament his that and idea good a was Jirga Loya a of formation the said He .move a such supports government of leadership the on settle not should We" said, he However, Loya a before matter that for else anyone or Zahir-Shah Mohammad of product the be should Jirga Loya Any .convened actually is Jirga ".groups and factions Afghan various between cooperation still is he believe We" :said Rabbani Laden, bin Osama of Speaking of number great a has and time the all around moves He .Afghanistan in a in is militia Taliban the that adding "hideouts, other and mountain .desperate feeling and position tenuous very of support overt the with created was movement Taliban The" other and US the from support behind-the-scenes as well as Pakistan .out pointed he "countries, Washington and York New in attacks terrorist recent the said He terrorist destroy and Laden Bin over hand to refusal Taliban's the and the from pressure under Pakistan, forced have territory its in camps .group the for support abandon to ,.S.U the for backing and assistance its ceased indeed has Pakistan If" .asserted Rabbani "longer, much survive cannot (group this) Taliban, military a of event the in allies, its and .S.U the assured He the as long as" for support government's his of Afghanistan, on strike ".terrorists the obliterate and punish to is aim the on war a waging support not will we" emphasized, he But, ".Afghanistan of people long-suffering and innocent the shaping in intervention Western of prospect the Concerning :said government Afghan exiled the of head the Afghanistan, of future will otherwise, and military actions, western other and American" crisis, new A .country our of future the on impact an have definitely is however, hope, The .inevitable seem violence and bloodshed more of nature delicate and intricacies the of aware fully being that the repeat to not utmost its do would West the history, Afghanistan's for stability and peace bring to effort their in past the of mistakes ".Afghanistan of people beleaguered the pressure and efforts government's Pakistani the criticized He the from be would that Taliban the to successor a install to exerted the for reason main the and problem the" saying tribe, Pashtun powers regional and foreign that is Afghanistan in crisis perpetual Afghanistan, of affairs internal the in influence exerted always have ".tribe ethnic or group individual, certain a supporting a play not should foreigners that insist we around, time This" the of fall possible the after Afghanistan rule should who on role ".Taliban truly attacks terrorist 11 September the that said further He .world whole the shook repeatedly have we Afghanistan, of government legal the As" the and government our for help American and Western for appealed .S.U any of consequences the counter to "Alliance, Northern .said he attack, retaliatory consequences the as soon as way the on be will help hope We become defense and business of centers .S.U on assault the of .added he evident, substantial any receive to yet have we terms, actual in However," .daily the told Rabbani "ground, the on assistance or aid and forces special military British and .S.U that reports On We" :said Rabbani Afghanistan, in already are agents intelligence West the from forces special that effect the to accounts received have conducting Afghanistan of areas Taliban-controlled in already are our by controlled areas in present not are they but surveillance, ".Alliance Northern the and government and drought hunger, famine, widespread the to alluded also He continued of years long the to due homeland his in poverty extreme .fighting a about brought has US the by campaign military impending The" in cities and homes their fleeing people with crisis, refugee massive .noted he "Afghanistan, Taliban-controlled forces Taliban among desertions widespread reported also Rabbani are They" .Velayat and Mazar-i-Sharif as such places various in Northern the and government our joining and arms their down putting ".forces Alliance the in that hope his is it said he interview, the Concluding number a find to up wake would Afghanistan of people the future near their in changes social and political extraordinary and momentous of .country FH/LS End