Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 3, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies Tehran NEWS IRAN -- "accord cooperation military sign Iran Russia," Russian his and Shamkhani Ali Admiral Rear Minister Defense bilateral a signed Tuesday Moscow in Ivanov Sergei counterpart .pact cooperation military and defense INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "terrorism on stance Islamic common urges Khatami" on conversation telephone a in Khatami, Mohammad President on called Mohamad, Mahathir Minister Prime Malaysian with Tuesday international stance united a adopt to countries Islamic Islamic .terrorism TIMES TEHRAN -- "war for prepares .S.U as continue Demos" attack retaliatory a planning resolutely is States United The In .terrorists sheltering of accused been has which Afghanistan on to world the around held been have protests anti-war more esponse, ".solution the not is war" that administration Bush the remind HAMBASTEGI -- in forces alliance northern support Russia and Iran" "Afghanistan his and Shamkhani Ali Admiral Rear Minister Defense Iran's Tehran that Tuesday reporters told Ivanov Sergei counterpart Russian .Afghanistan in forces alliance northern the support Moscow and TOSE'EH -- "way Taliban in dogs Killing" was hair whose dogs, three took Tuesday on militia Taliban Islamic the of president the of names the carried and cut closely monarch Afghan former Rabbani, Burhanuddin Afghanistan of government downtown a to Bush, .W George President .S.U the and Shah Zahir .fire on them set and Talogan of city the in square YAZD AFTAB-E -- Amr :coalition global undermine will state Arab any on Attack" "Mussa that Tuesday warned Mussa Amr League Arab the of secretary The against coalition international hurt will country Arab an on attack .terrorism NOROUZ -- "housing in sector private by investment billion 22,000.Rls" for rials billion 22,000 near invested has sector private The started which year Iranian the of months nine first the in housing .2001 21, March ABRAR -- "chief CIA former :incidents American in seen is shadow Saddam's" has Bush .W George President that Tuesday on announced House White not would .S.U the that II Abdullah King Jordan's pledged never .terrorism on war its of part as country Arab any or Iraq attack ROUZ SIAST-E -- "certain is Taliban on attack military :Blair Tony" of conference annual the at Blair, Tony Minister Prime British Taliban Afghanistan's warned Tuesday, Party Labor ruling his .power up give or Laden bin Osama over hand to rulers HAMSHAHRI -- "output oil cutting is OPEC" possibility the on week next contacts resume to are delegates OPEC .output lowering of AFARINESH -- "Iran to come has delegation Taliban No :Ministry Foreign" Tuesday on Asefi Hamid-Reza Spokesman Ministry Foreign Iranian departure the on report the "ridiculous" and "baseless" as dismissed ruling Afghanistan's from delegation high-ranking a of Kabul from Ali Ayatollah Leader Supreme of invitation the at regime Taliban .Khamenei RESALAT -- "level lowest reach dams Latian and Karaj of reserves Water" the said has Shahrivari, Javad official, municipality Tehran A the of most supply which dams, Latian and Karaj of reserves water cubic billion 20 as low as to dip could capital, the of water drinking of half second the in meager be to continue precipitations if meters .(2001 21, March started) year Iranian the MELLAT -- "day national for nation German congratulates Khatami" German to messages separate in Khatami, Mohammad President congratulated Rau, Johannes President and Schroeder Gerhard Chancellor .day national country's the on nation the and government German the IRAN -- "terrorists attack to America allows UN :Annan Kofi" .N.U current that said has secretary-general Nations United The and York New the behind those attack to .S.U the allow resolutions .bombings Washington ESLAMI JOMOURI-YE -- "terrorists to home are America Europe," Tuesday on Karroubi Mehdi Hojjatoleslam Speaker Parliament Iranian Bucharest in Vacaroiu Nicolae Speaker Senate Romanian with talks held well as Christianity and Islam between dialogue of importance the on .nations among that as KAREGAR KAR-O -- "Iran to flies refugees, Afghan for aid carrying plane, British" Tuesday on left refugees Afghan for aid carrying plane British A northeast Mashhad, of city the in land to clearance receiving after .Iran of BH/LS End