Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Vajpayee :out running patience India's Jammu on attack suicide Monday's Citing -- IRNA 3, Oct Delhi, New Atal Minister Prime Indian Assembly, National (J&K) Kashmir's and hastily to Bush .W George President .S.U written has Vajpayee Bihari truly be will terrorism on war Washington's that Delhi New reassure .global IRNA by received was which of copy a letter, the to According he that manner same the in that Bush told Vajpayee today, earlier he interests, .S.U safeguarding of responsibility his discharging was .well as interest national India's of defense in act to had himself patience the to limit a is there that understand must Pakistan" conveyed message strong a in said Vajpayee "India, of people the of Minister Affairs External by over handed letter unprecedented an in .Monday on Singh Jaswant an held Bush .seriously massage Vajpayee's took .S.U The when place took meeting The .Singh with meeting 40-minute unscheduled Security National Bush's with consultations of midst the in was Singh .Rice Condoleeza Adviser national the of spoke which letter, minister's prime Indian the that fact the to pointed outrage, terrorist latest the against anger was said, it That, .responsibility claimed had Mohammad Jaish-e- the "Pakistan in based national Pakistani a" that fact the to addition in .operation Srinagar the in bombers suicide the of one was situation--the the of "irony" the highlighted also Vajpayee Pervez President Pakistan after day a just came attack Srinagar a not was there that interview television a in claimed Musharraf .territory Pakistan's from operating group terrorist single external India's said which reports other amid comes letter The about concerned too not was Delhi New said had minister affairs .ally .S.U key a as emergence Pakistan's not in ours but India-centric, be may policies Pakistan's" is Pakistan what of aware well very is .S.U The .Pakistan-centric ".doing IND/LS End