Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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India west in region Kutch in quake intensity Slight felt was intensity slight of earthquake An -- IRNA 3, Oct Delhi, New said Wednesday, on Gujarat of state Indian western the in Kutch in .today India of Trust Press open-ended Richter the on 1.4 of intensity an with quake, The a and north degrees 3.23 of latitude a at region the hit scale, PTI adds ,(time local) hours 18:06 at east degrees 2.70 of longitude .here department meteorological the quoting .far so reported been has property to damage or life of loss No the on 9.7 measuring earthquake powerful a 26, January On left which quake, the of epicenter The .Gujarat struck scale Richter at reported was injured, thousands and dead people 10,000 least at the was quake The .deaths 3,000 for accounted which (Kutch) Bhuj .years 40 last the in had India strongest IND/LS End