Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Tehran to visit on report AFP disclaims FM deputy Taliban to reported delegation Taliban the of member A -- IRNA 3, Oct Kuwait, dispatched report the denied has Tehran to visit a for Kabul left have (KUNA) Agency News Kuwaiti the Tuesday, on Presse France Agence by .Wednesday said Zahid, Rahman Abdul Taliban, the of Minister Foreign Deputy Tehran, visited which delegation the of member a as AFP by reported .Tehran for left delegation such any that denied has "baseless" as dismissed Zahid KUNA, with contact phone a In the from delegation a that said which Tuesday on report AFP the the at Tehran for left has regime Taliban ruling Afghanistan's .Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Leader Supreme of invitation told also Assefi Hamid-Reza Spokesman Ministry Foreign Iranian and "ridiculous" was AFP by carried dispatch the that IRNA ".unfounded" ministry foreign Taliban unnamed an cited report, its in AFP, Taliban the by headed was delegation the that saying as official Rahman Abdul included and Raqib Abdul Mawlawi Refugees for Minister .Zahid AK/LS End