Oct 3, 2001, 12:01 AM
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shelter and food with Afghans 40,000 provide to UAE it said has (UAE) Emirates Arab United The -- IRNA 3, Oct Tehran, Afghans Muslim brother 40,000 to shelter and food provide will English the Afghanistan, in war anticipated an from refuge seeking of Minister UAE the quoting Tuesday, on reported Times' `Tehran daily .saying as al-Nahyan Zayid bin Hamdan Sheikh Affairs Foreign for State health food, with refugees Afghan 40,000 provide will UAE The" .said he "shelter, and care country his said Society, Crescent Red the heads also who Hamdan, well as refugees the feed and house to facilities up set to planned be would facilities the where clear not was It .hospital field a as .up set worth million 10 dlrs ordered Monday on Fahd King Arabia's Saudi the for clothes and food medicine, including supplies, emergency of with borders the to fleeing are or fled have that refugees Afghan .Pakistan and Iran Taliban the with ties severed have Arabia Saudi and UAE The hand to refusal its for Afghanistan of most runs which government suspect prime Washington's Laden, bin Osama militant Saudi-born over and York New in attacks terrorist deadly 11 September the in .Washington its of because limelight the in emerged has which Pakistan, to delegations two sent has crisis, current the in role crucial said has but Laden, Bin over hand to Taliban the convince to Kabul .dim look him handing for hopes Al Laden's Bin destroy to wants it said repeately has .S.U The acts terrorist behind being of suspects it which network Qaeda not would they said have states oil-rich but worldwide, committed .refugees Afghan brother abandon dlrs for appealed week last Annan Kofi Secretary-General .N.U crisis humanitarian looming the for aid emergency in million 584 strike military .S.U threatened the of result a as evolved has which .Afghanistan on the in drought severe of years three and war of decades two After been actually have Afghans million five about nation, Asian Central has Nations United the survival, their for aid outside on depending .said three Harbor, Pearl since soil American on attack worst the In New of towers twin the and Pentagon the into slammed planes hijacked 110-story the reducing 11, September on Center Trade World York's .Pentagon the to destruction massive causing and rubble to towers 45 all killing Pennsylvania, western in crashed plane fourth A .board on people of symbols Pentagon, the and WTC the on attacks the after Shortly their set officials .S.U respectively, might military and economic US has who fugitive Saudi-born millionaire the Laden, bin Osama on sights .targets American against assaults terrorist past for indicted been and back strike to pledged Bush President nation, the Addressing terrorist alleged destroy as well as justice to culprits the bring .Afghanistan in camps training attacks, the in involvement any denied twice has Laden Bin Osama some as well as NATO provided has it said has .S.U the although such on information classified with abroad embassies its of .involvement suicidal the condemned quickly which countries the of one was Iran sympathy and sorrow deep its expressing States, United the in attacks It .nation American entire the as well as families victims' the for .terrorism end to efforts global for support its signified also has RM/LS End