Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Envoy says Taliban, to delivered Osama about evidence No man, wanted most the of surrender out Ruling -- IRNA 2, Oct Islamabad, not has States United the said Tuesday Taliban Laden, bin Osama attacks in involvement Osama's about them to evidence any delivered .York New and Washington on to far so us to evidence any provide not did Americans The" Taliban "Laden, bin Osama of involvement of claim their substantiate Quetta, in conference news a told Zaeef Salam Abdul Pakistan to envoy .province Balochistan southwestern of capital the not do We .thing new the not is Osama of surrender for Demand" (Americans) They .evidence and proof any without him surrender to want they If .proof any us to given not have They .prove to able not are Zaeef "it, with do to nothing are we others, to (evidence) it gave .said will but problems the resolve not will Afghanistan on Attacks" the settle to way no in is War .situation the complicate further .said he "negotiations, of way the adopt must Americans The .problems life good shelter, food, help, need They .poor very are Afghans" need not do They .country war-stricken their of reconstruction and not is Afghanistan claim, which countries, the upon call We .war ".dialogue of way the adopt to terrorism fight to helping evidences if Laden bin Osama surrender will Taliban the if Asked to solution and talk the for open are Doors" said, he provided, are ".negotiation for come to people the all ask We .problem the it and community world the of part is Afghanistan that added He .community international the of state member as dealt be should meeting today's his in Commissioner High British the whether Asked ask should You" .NO said, Zaeef Mulla attack, of threat any him gave the "negotiations, the for not and attacks for call they why them .reporters told envoy think I" said, he Laden, bin Osama of whereabouts the about Asked he and here am I .is he where know not do I But .Afghanistan in is he ".Afghanistan in is people The" attacked, if back fight will Taliban the if Questioned .Afghanistan of invasion Soviet resist to struggled Afghanistan of with fought they then even and anything have not did people The in believe We .us helped Almighty Allah .year ten for Russians full with respond will we us, on war imposed they If .Almighty Allah .said he "force, Prime British the by threats to invited was attention his When for way the not is This" said, envoy Taliban the Blair, Tony Minister it reluctant, are they If .negotiations start should They .solution ".problems the resolve not will TK-MMZ/AK End