Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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return on workers aid for security seeks official UN Relief Emergency Nation's United The -- IRNA 2, Oct Islamabad, aid the for security Taliban sought has Oshima, Kenzo Coordinator, .Afghanistan to return on workers to back welcomed be to were staff international UN If" the from guarantees were there provided go, would they Afghanistan, to assistance get to ability their and security their over Taliban use to staff allowing Taliban the include would This .need in those .Pakistan to envoy Taliban the told Oshima "equipment, communications Salam Abdul envoy, Taliban the with meeting his about spoke Oshima humanitarian UN the of intention the stressed he saying Zaeef, for possible as much as do to community international the and agencies .people Afghan the Taliban the workers, aid expatriate all of relocation the Since and Kandahar of province southern the in offices UN over taken have preventing equipment, communications UN up locked and locations, other in headquarters agency their with speaking from staff national .Pakistan Oshima requests, his to agreed had envoy Taliban the whether Asked made he course of but one, positive a was got I impression The" :said "authorities, his to back refer to needs he that me to clear very it .said Oshima be would staff international that hoped envoy the that added He later a at UN the contact would Taliban the that and return, to able .date for Tuesday on Pakistan southwestern in Quetta visited Oshima was He .workers aid and officials government local with meetings .Iran for night Tuesday on Pakistan depart to scheduled inside trapped still are Afghans of number large a that said He .leave to means no and assets no have they because Afghanistan shelter water, food, need who people of number large a are There" do must We .Afghanistan inside material life-saving other and these to aid of amounts large get to means our within everything .said Oshima "possible, as fast as people into cross to trying and cities the leaving are who those of Many" who Those .distances these travel to means the have countries other assets no have they because trapped, are Afghanistan inside still are .said he "leave, to means no and he that Musharraf Pervez President Pakistani told yesterday Oshima Afghanistan, with border its closing for reasons Pakistan's understood neighbouring countries all press to continue would UN the said but .refugees to borders their open to Afghanistan borders their closed have Afghanistan neighbouring countries All strikes, US possible fleeing refugees of influx major a of fear in .refugees Afghan of influxes new with cope not can they that saying the of request the at region the in is who Oshima, the with meeting his during that said Annan, Kofi Secretary-General effort preparatory some that appreciation expressed had he president in UNHCR and government Pakistani the between underway already was .Pakistan in camps possible for sites identifying cross could refugees million a as many as that estimates UN The into 500,000 further a with weeks, coming in Pakistan into .Tajikistan and Iran neighbouring Oshima Afghanistan, outside taken being measures the noting While the inside those to assistance getting of importance the stressed trying and cities the leaving are who those of Many" .country war-torn these travel to means the have countries other into cross to because trapped, are Afghanistan inside still are who Those .distances .said Oshima "leave, to means no and assets no have they aid truck to started agencies UN other various and WFP Although race a was there that noted Oshima weekend, the over Afghanistan into of window a is There" :in set winter the before time against and food much as in sending in long very not is that opportunity .said he "country, the of part large a to possible as items relief TK-MMZ/AK End