Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Azerbaijan of republic to assistance relief sends Iran relief Committee's Relief Khomeini Imam Iranian -- IRNA 2, Oct Baku, of tons 30 rice, of tons 50 flour, of tons 55 comprising convoy, aid been has tea, of tons five and macaroni, of tons 20 oil, vegetable poor among distribution for Azerbaijan of Republic the to shipped .refugees Azeri Saheb Committee Affairs Refugees' War Azerbaijan's of Head Deputy to nation and government Iranian the of assistance the praised Rahimov ties close and friendship of sign a is move the said and Azeris .nations Azeri and Iranian between war Azeri assist to country first the been has Iran said Rahimov .refugees is Iran said Qazaie Ahad Baku to Ambassador Iran's Meanwhile, that hope expressed and Azerbaijan to aid sending continue to ready their in peace of restoration after home return would refugees Azeri .country Branch Baku Committee's Relief Khomeini Imam of General Director to coverage extended has committee his that said Kazemzadeh Bahram and students Azeri 8,000 and families Azeri poor 10,000 than more .pupils of kinds other and food of tons 56 send to is Iran said Kazemzadeh next the in Nakhichevan of republic autonomous the to assistance .days of couple BG/AH End