Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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secret not is pact military Iran-Russia says Ivanov said Ivanov Sergei Minister Defense Russian -- IRNA 2, Oct Moscow, by signed agreement cooperation defense-military the that Tuesday here at not was Shamkhani Ali Admiral Rear counterpart Iranian his and him .standards international all to conformed and secret a all signed been had agreement the that conference press a told Ivanov which Moscow to visit recent Khatami's Mohammad President following .relations two-way in chapter new a opened with agreements such signed had government Russian the said He .well as countries other and Iran agreement, the of conclusion following that added He .contacts regular have to continue will Russia .said he regard, this in obligations its all by abide will Russia fighting are Russia and Iran both said Minister Russian The both terrorism to subject been have they and terrorism international .present at and past the in Alliance Northern Afghan support actively Iran and Russia said He .forces serious a pose drugs of smuggling and terrorism International the that adding Ivanov, said security, global and regional to threat campaign the in casualties many suffered have forces armed Iranian .drugs against affect directly will Afghanistan in situation critical said He .Russia and Iran of security the Caspian the in security guaranteeing for need the stressed Ivanov Caucasus the in role important highly a play said he which Sea, .East Middle the and region and Sea Caspian the in forces foreign of presence blasted He be should states littoral the of forces only that believe ``We said, ''.Caspian the in present to assistance international support Russia and Iran said He not terror against Afghanistan in underway is ``War .Afghanistan .Ivanov said Islam,'' against political positive are forces Alliance Northern Afghan said Ivanov Tajiks, namely groups various comprising Afghanistan, in forces .Pashtuns and Uzbeks vis-a-vis stances similar share Moscow and Tehran said He .principled been always have stances the and Afghanistan region, the in bases military .S.U on position Russia's on Asked .officially view its announced already had country his said Ivanov against campaign international supports country his said Ivanov Central of those with concord in are stances Moscow's and terrorism .republics Asian relief humanitarian of shipment supports just country his said He .space air its through Afghanistan to aid Tehran between Tuesday signed agreement the of impact the on Asked and military said Ivanov region, the in power of balance on Moscow and national the demonstrate Russia and Iran between cooperation technical .parties both of interests he arms, defense with provided be will Iran protocol, the Under .added power of balance upsetting against is Russia that stressed Ivanov and legal for is it claims, certain to contrary rather, region, the in .countries various with cooperation and contacts principled and not are Russia and Iran between cooperation that stressed He military, the in be will cooperation the and limited be not will .fields other and economic defense, energy, the of cancellation that reporters told Shamkhani Meanwhile, to Russia by taken step effective and bold a is pact Gore-Chernomyrdin .Moscow and Tehran between ties strengthen counterpart Russian his with signed had he contract the said He key a play will it rather country, third a against be not will today reveal and region the in stability and peace of restoration in role .Russia and Iran of interests national .terrorism from much suffered have Russian and Iran that added He be should campaign anti-terrorism international that stressed He .principle in with dealt definition and interpretation new a said minister Iranian The world the to presented be should terrorism and terror international on .avoided be should standards double and today complaining countries the said minister defense Iranian The .supporters its been yesterday until been had terrorism against been had counterpart Russian his with talks the said Shamkhani in situation stability, regional on centered and constructive highly the in forces foreign of presence avoid to need the Sea, Caspian the cooperation technical and military region, the in crisis ongoing sea, .stability and peace of consolidation and and Iran of conditions geopolitical undoubtedly, that said He .cooperation fruitful towards sides both guide will Russia Afghan supports Iran said Shamkhani remarks, his in Elsewhere .Government Islamic Afghan the represent who forces, Alliance Northern of principles basic the are detente and peace said Shamkhani .policy foreign Iran's extending continue to Iran on calls policy this said He .people Afghan the to assistance spiritual and humanitarian will Afghanistan in developments recent that hope expressed He the in nationalities and tribes all of sovereignty to way give .country on definition transparent and definite a that stressed Shamkhani .presented be should terrorism international the of exploitation countries' certain of critic is Iran said He campaign anti-terrorism international by marked situation, ongoing .favor own their in international from greatly suffered has Iran said Shamkhani .terrorism and Israel is terrorism' international of 'university the said He (Ariel Minister Prime Regime's Zionist the) is 'professor' its .Sharon one terrorism international against campaign to that added He contribute will Iran and within from terror of causes uproot should .N.U the by sponsored operations anti-terrorism any to BG/AH End