Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Blair says attacks, US organised Laden bin doubt' `No declared effectively Blair Tony Minister Prime - IRNA 2, .Oct London, no" is there saying Tuesday, Afghanistan in regime Taliban the on war point no minds, of meeting no people, such with possible compromise ".terror such with understanding of this organised people his and Laden bin (Osama) :doubt no in Be" .him abet and aid Taliban The .(11 September on US the in) atrocity stop not will They .terror of acts further from desist not will He .said Blair "him, helping in conference Labour annual the at faithful party told He it Defeat" :choice one only was there that England southern Brighton, ".must we it defeat and it, by defeated be or do will we targeted; proportionate; be will take we action The" Minister Prime the "casualties, civilian avoid to can humanly we all dealing are we what understand" must people that added but said, ".with to cooperation international for called he which in speech, His Blair important most the as billed being was terrorism, global defeat .1994 in Party Labour the of leader becoming since made has narrow the in only not freedom," for was said, he fight, The individual each of sense broader the in but liberty personal of sense potential their develop to freedom social and economic the having ".full the to "justice" about fight the make to wanted also he that argued Blair the dispossessed, the wretched, the starving, the" to pointed and of deserts the from squalor and want in living those ignorant, of ranges mountain the to Gaza, of slums the to Africa Northern ".Afghanistan must and could it to, wanted community international the If said, he process, peace East Middle the into life new breathe given be must Israel of state the" that adding controversially ".all by recognition an supported implicitly also minister prime British The Palestinians" the that saying also state, Palestinian independent as land, own their in and prospect to chance the justice, have must ".future that in Israel with partners equal HC/KS End