Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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floods of fear for homes evacuate Iran northern in Residents cities several in Residents -- IRNA 2, Oct .prov Mazandaran Noshahr, their evacuated have province Sea Caspian northern this in Ramsar in flash triggered hours 48 past the on downpours severe after homes .region the in floods the on located cities, the in place taken have evacuations The have which rivers Chalak-Roud and Nesa-Roud Safa-Roud, of fringes .banks their overflowed 90 over Simiari, Qanbar Ramsar, of governor the to According at and water by surrounded been have city the in houses of percent .destroyed totally been have houses five least the that said has city the of office meteorological The .millimeters 400 over reached have days two past the in recipitations the in life paralyzed have rains torrential the that said Simiari .close to schools causing as well as transportation disturbing city, the that said has city the of department disaster natural The road the and unabated on goes still river Safa-Roud the in flood .closed been has Roudbar to Jannat of cities the connecting hit that floods by affected were people million 2.1 than More .people 200 than more killing August, in Iran northeast and north regions the were Semnan and Khorassan Golestan, of provinces The .hit worst 218,000 some while died people 214 alone, province Golestan In rendered being them of 10,000 with damage, extensive suffered people .homeless bridges as such infrastructure vital saw villages 387 of total A 10,000 Some .damaged seriously buildings 4,000 and destroyed roads and .destroyed were pastures and lands forest of hectares and northern Iran's in floods the sparked earlier rains Torrential .provinces northeastern the of rest the when time a at place took incidents repeated The which drought of year consecutive third the from suffering is country .damage in dollars in billions Iran cost has several in rationing water to led has drought crippling The be could times worse that fears amid Tehran, including cities, major .anticipated BH/RR End