Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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sector petrochemicals in research to goes credit in bn 853 Rls Development and Research the of Head -- IRNA 2, Oct Tehran, Taeb Abbas (NPC) Iran of Company Petrochemical National at Department aside set been has credit in billion 853 rls that Tuesday on here said Economic Five-Year Third the in sector petrochemical in research for .(2000-2005) Plan Development coducting busy is department his that reporters told Taeb .projects 259 on research research, procedural concern projects the of percent 4.28 said He 2.8 substances, chemical percent 5.7 research, technical percent 8.16 industries chemical percent 2.5 activities, catalytic percent managerial percent 4.3 research, polymer percent 2.11 feedstock, new including fields other in research percent 4.19 and research, .technologies to related are projects the of percent 10 said official The percent 20 and research applied to percent 69 research, fundamental .research development to the at projects research 63 the of implementation that added He 2,000 rls complexes those earn will complexes petrochemical country's .benefits in billion field the in projects innovative 11 of implementation said He .years four past the over benefits in billion 70 rls earned has BG/RR End