Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Competition Quran Holy .Intl 18th host to Tehran Memorization Quran Holy International 18th The -- IRNA 2, Oct Tehran, on here open be to is Competition Interpretation and Recitation .Khatami Mohammad President by attended ceremony a in 14 October Hojatoleslam Organization Endowment and Charity the of Head top 91 that Tuesday on here reporters told Nezamzadeh Mohammad-Ali the in part take will states Muslim 33 from Quran Holy of reciters .contest three in held be will competition year's this said Nezamzadeh with heart by book divine entire of recitation namely sections, 20 of recitation and 12, and 11 parts the of interpretation .recitation and heart by book holy the of parts consecutive .14-18 October from held be will contest the said He Libya, Egypt, Arabia, Saudi from juries 21 Nezamzadeh to According the judge will Iran and Morocco Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, from member jury a ever first the for that said He .competition .competition the judge will Arabia Saudi Ethiopia, China, Qatar, Morocco, India, Macedonia, Lebanon, Libya, Lanka, Sri Mali, Nigeria, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Thailand, Tanzania, Croatia, Arabia, Saudi Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Greece, Kuwait, Syria, Chad, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey, the in represented be to are Afghanistan and Guinea-Conakry Senegal, .event Sherbil reciter, Lebanese a competition year's this in said He recite will Islam, to Christianity from converted has who Farah, Nahad .book holy the of parts consecutive 20 be will reciter entire-book the of winner top that added He third and second the while coin, gold Azadi Bahar-e full 50 awarded .coins such 25 and 35 receive will section the of winners section the of winners third through first the said official The receive will book holy the of parts consecutive 20 of recitation for .respectively coins gold Azadi Bahar-e full 20 and 25 40, the 40, receive will section recitation the of winner top The respectively, coins gold Azadi Bahar-e full 20 third the and 30 second .added he the of parts 20 reciting reciters, Iranian four said Nezamzadeh Saudi to dispatched be will parts other 10 and heart, by book holy be will reciter Iranian more one said He .17 October on Arabia .Dubai do one another and Malaysia to dispatched BG/AH End