Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Tuesday on Iran visit to envoy UNHCR's Nations United the of Secretary-General Under -- IRNA 2, Oct Tehran, Kenzo Affairs Humanitarian for (UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner High coordinate to afternoon Tuesday on Tehran in arrive to is Oshima who refugees Afghan would-be the to aid relief rendering for efforts .borders Iranian to rush may said IRNA with interview an in Tehran in office Nations United The office coordinating the from delegation a leading is who Oshima that from message the convey to is UNHCR of aid humanitarian for .officials Iranian to UNHCR of secretary-general to is then and Mashhad to visit its start to is delegation UN The the discuss to Thursday and Wednesday on officials Iranian with meet .issue relative UN the coordinate to is delegation UN the of aim regional The and Iran in refugees Afghan the sheltering at aimed aid humanitarian .Afghanistan neighboring countries other in as well as Pakistan Afghan million two sheltered has who Iran of Republic Islamic The Afghan new welcome to ready is it that declared already has refugees .border joint Iran-Afghanistan at located camps its in refugees Mohammad President Iran's with meet to is envoy UNHCR's The press a attend to and Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign and Khatami .Tehran in office UN at afternoon Wednesday on conference MM/RR End