Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Jan-Aug in pct 65.2 fall exports Indonesia's January in exports Indonesia's -- Pulse IRNA-Asia 2, Oct Jakarta, from billion, 25.39 dlrs to cent per 65.2 by fell year this August to .year last billion 32.40 dlrs 5 dlrs than more of level the broke August in exports Though" month, previous the from cent per 38.4 of increase an or billion of chief deputy "encouraging, less was performance export our overall, Slamet statistics, economic for (BPS) Statistics of Bureau Central the .Monday on said Mukeno fell 2001 of period January-August the in exports Non-oil/non-gas the in billion 33.31 dlrs from billion 26.30 dlrs to cent per 40.3 by .year last period same in decline a to due cent per 05.0 by fell exports oil/gas Likewise, .products oil of export the that suggested Pertamina company gas and oil state the from Data 3.834 dlrs to cent per 55.22 by fell products oil of export the dlrs to cent per 23.5 by rose oil crude of export the while million, cent per 83.0 by increased gas natural of export the and billion 12.4 .billion 03.4 dlrs to the was August in exports of value the in increase the said He dlrs to exports non-oil/non-gas in increase cent per 49.9 a of result .month previous the in billion 77.3 dlrs from billion 13.4 dlrs to cent per 63.13 by fell exports oil/gas hand, other the On of export the in drop a to due billion 07.1 dlrs from million 925 .products oil and crude oil million, 3.397 dlrs to cent per 11 by fell exports Crude per 73.15 gas natural and million 2.94 dlrs to cent per 47.14 products .million 5.433 dlrs to cent slight a of result the was oil crude of export the in drop The" dlrs to market global the in crude Indonesian of price the in drop July in barrel per 70.24 dlrs from 2001 August in barrel per 36.24 .said he "2001, States United the 2001, of months eight first the in said He exports non-oil/non-gas Indonesia's for market biggest the remained 79.4 dlrs with Japan by followed billion, 15.5 dlrs of value a with .billion 26.3 dlrs with Singapore and billion, cent per 09.15 by rose period the over imports fell, exports While corresponding a in billion 67.19 dlrs from billion 64.22 dlrs to .year last period increase cent per 23.19 a of result the was imports in increase The .billion 89.18 dlrs to imports non-oil/non-gas in to cent per 07.2 by declined imports oil/gas hand, other the On oil of import the in drop cent per 27.23 a to due billion 74.3 dlrs to cent per 69.27 by rose imports Crude .billion 72.1 dlrs to products .billion 01.2 dlrs ANTARA-BG/RR End