Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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this Golestan in percent 7 up imports percent, 34 down Exports year province Golestan in offices customs Various -- IRNA 2, Oct Golestan, rls at valued goods, of tons 23,200 over abroad exported (Iran north) year Iranian current the of half first the over billion, 4.10 department customs provincial the of head the ,(21 March started) .Tuesday on here said the to compared percent 56.34 of decrease a shows figure The" started) year previous the of period corresponding the for figure .IRNA told Yousefi-Nejad Abolqasem "2000, 20, March stones, foodstuffs, various mainly were exports the said He .cream ice and cement cosmetics, of tons 6,600 some period same the during that noted also He country the into imported were billion, 2.33 rls worth goods, various percent 8.7 a indicates said, he figure, The .province the through .figure year's preceding the of that to compared increase ironware, of consisted imported items the that revealed He .sulphate sodium as well as kaolin tubes, aluminum, machinery, goods, of tons 19,000 over period, same the during Meanwhile" Kazakhstan, to transit for cleared were billion, 9.3 rls at valued littoral Gulf Persian the of some as well as Armenia Turkmenistan, figure the noting said, he "offices, customs province's the by states previous the of that to compared percent 444 of increase an shows .figure year's automobiles, mainly were transit for cleared were that goods The .said further he gas, liquid as well as scraps RM/LS End