Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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MPs Kurdish of resignation mass on Daily its in News,' `Iran daily English-language The -- IRNA 2, Oct Tehran, Kurdestan's of resignation mass the that warned Tuesday, on editorial Khatami President on called and ill-timed, is deputies parliamentary plaguing problems the to solution a find to intervene immediately to the by country the to caused embarrassment the and province the .decision rash deputies' from ill-advised was resign to MPs the of decision the said It .region the facing problems the of standpoint the sensitive highly the make could step a such that warned It fuel giving by media international the to vulnerable more region .coverage news negative to Sunday on Province Kurdestan the across from deputies Majlis Six was which (Parliament) Majlis to resignation mass a handed in "precedence of lack" of because speaker deputy its by rejected submit to asked then were deputies The .proceedings parliamentary noted Majlis, the by separately reviewed be to resignations individual .daily the their for parliament as well as government the criticized It of province western the of problems the vis-a-vis indifference was resign to decision deputies' Kurdestan the saying Kurdestan, the of appointment the grievances, unattended of host a by triggered .these of only being governor-general current "neglected" most the of one is pointed, daily the Kurdestan, and "deprivation" from suffering decades for Iran, in regions chart development any of bottom the at it put which "backwardness" .country entire the for been have another, after one governments, various that noted It uneven of problem this address to failure their for criticized in Kurdestan, by symbolized prosperity, and wealth of distribution .provinces various country's the brings which oil in rich is country the that fact the Despite sustain to investment capital need the provides and petrodollars birthplace and region own his prefers manager senior every production, however development, and funds in priority top it accords and .be may it inappropriate or nwarranted of forefront the at only not was Kurdestan that noted further It been since has it that but Iraq, with war imposed eight-year the has and "infrastructure its for investment capital of deprived" from faced it which unrest of years two the to due "setbacks suffered" .Defense Sacred the of outbreak the to up 1979 February fair its given not was Kurdestan war, the of aftermath the In for account which funds liquidity needed or currency hard of share the above well is which unemployment runaway province's the .average national it scarce, also are programs development and expansion Moreover, .noted governor current the of appointment disputed the Regarding the of right absolute the is it that argued daily the general, although issue, the on consulted be to province the of representatives .ministry interior the with rests decision final the legally the on call a is therefore, resignation, mass deputies' The in situation critical the consider seriously to Majlis and president .region the pay to officials concerned warned editorial the Furthermore, critical the of view in kind the of problems to attention careful at calamity major a to rise give could which present at situation roots "ethnic" has issue Kurdish the that suggesting moment, any .carefully very handled be therefore should and backdrop the in issue Kurdish the with continued, it Moreover, volatile" a be to out turn could deputies its of resignation mass any ".media international the for topic deputies the with consults Khatami President if well do would It" the spare to necessary, deem may he as problems, their solve and "decisions, rash their of aftermath the in embarrassment current .daily the concluded FH/LS End