Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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clear to intended deputies Kurdestan of resignation Mass MP says problems, all of masse en resignation recent The -- IRNA 2, Oct Tehran, a as intended is province Kurdestan from deputies parliamentary Kurdestan to inattention government's the" called they what to protest deputies seven the of one Mohammad-Rezaei, Mohammad said "Province, by conducted interview an in resignation of letter the signed who .Tuesday on published Times' `Tehran the on Based" :said deputies the resignation, of letter their In of people honored the of representatives we by-law, inner Parliament's Parliament the want and...resignation our submit Province Kurdestan ".issue the pursue to of years 23 the during that said further resignation written The Kurdestan Republic, Islamic the of government the of existence Islamic the toward faithfulness and loyalty shown had citizens to solution a and rights equal for asking but are and Revolution .problems their Jalal Sanandaj, of Adab al-Din Baha by signed was letter The Mohammad Qorveh, of Hosseini Masood Sanandaj, of Jalali Salaheddin Marivan, of Sohrabi Abdollah Bijar, of Mohammad-Rezaei .interviewee current the and Saqez of Alaie resignation, mass their to leading issue the on Elaborating Kurdestan of people the that fact the emphasized Mohammad-Rezaei country's the and Revolution Islamic the of ideals the in believe of presence the by threatened now is which integrity territorial .region the in powers foreign but "normal," as country the in situation the described He deputies province's the of resignation collective the that clarified of by-law certain a on disagreement a by caused by caused been has the and government the both of indifference" the and Majlis .province western the of problems the toward "Parliament Kurdestan from deputies the that said further Mohammad-Rezaei have but Majlis sixth current the of sessions in active very been have .perseverance their despite ideals their achieving in failed the to delegations send to Ministry Interior the asked have We" he "justly, settled be would problems the that hoping province, the into look to sent was delegation such no However, .out pointed .added he problems, of impeachment the for request a presented MPs Kurdestan" the reasons, some for but minister, health then the Farhadi, Mohammad another as out pointed he "consideration, into taken not was proposal .issue the that said MP the province, the of problems the on Commenting to years recent in places 20 only awarded have universities state-run .dentistry study to wishing students Kurdestan only why explain to officials pertinent asked had they said He in exams entrance the passed who 40 the of accepted were students 24 .asked he "16? remaining the are Where" .2000 and 1999 the to addressed memorandums their of most said he Moreover, been not either have issues provincial raising Ministry Interior .unsatisfactory were replies the or to replied leadership, province's the of issue the on Commenting and Sistan of governor-general former a that argued Mohammad-Rezaei of post the to proposed been had Hosseini, province, Baluchestan appointed was Razani, person, another that but governor-general by supported unanimously was Hosseini that fact the notwithstanding .officials provincial proposed their of rejection the after that said further deputy The as proposed were province the from managers qualified two appointee, to proceeded and both rejected again cabinet the that but substitutes .governor-general of post the to Razani appoint as right our it consider to Ministry Interior the expect We" On .(respected proposal our have to) province the of representatives a lodge to threatened has Minister Interior the hand, other the to respond should himself he while is this and us against complaint .stressed he "us, problems the solve help to that suggested has Mohammad-Rezaei discuss to parliament in held be session closed-door a Kurdestan of issues investigate to created be commission special a problems, its its for compensate to" province the to allocated be credit and ".shortcomings below live province the of people the of percent 80 than More country the left have professionals Kurdish many and line poverty the have would it that adding noted, he abroad, pastures greener seek to .government provincial the to back given were power if better been of percent 95 contrary, the to rumors despite that stressed He .elections presidential year's this in voted population Kurdestan's Khatami President province, Kurdestan to visit his During and peoples indigenous country's the of one as Kurds the described said decisions, managerial major in them for role greater a promised .Mohammad-Rezaei their to up look Kurdestan of people the said, he Now, as president the by made promise that fulfill help to representatives .possible as soon FH/LS End