Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 2, Oct Tehran, :Tuesday on dailies Tehran DAILY IRAN -- "agreement reach groups Anti-Taliban" of Government Islamic) Alliance Northern the of Representatives as well as Shah Zahir Mohammad King Afghan erstwhile and (Afghanistan a of formation the announced Monday abroad based groups Afghan other .Taliban ruling the topple to Council Unity National Supreme NEWS IRAN -- "MPs of resignation mass rejects speaker Majlis" Sunday on Khatami Mohammad-Reza Vice-Speaker Parliament's province western the from deputies of resignation mass the rejected ".unacceptable" as Kurdestan of INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "days within Taliban attack to .S.U" forces Alliance Northern Afghanistan's of minister foreign The movement hardline the on strike -led.S.U a thought he Sunday on said taking against Washingtion urged and days, within unleashed be would .half-measures TIMES TEHRAN -- "world the around Washington, in peace for march Demonstrators" people 2,500 some drew Sunday marches anti-war of day second A .S.U possible a to protest in capital .S.U the of streets the to .11 September of attacks terror deadly the to response military HAMBASTEGI -- "airspace its uses .S.U if force use will it says Iran" the warned Shamkhani, Ali Rear-Admiral Minister, Defense Iranian used .S.U the if force use would Tehran that Monday States United .Afghanistan neighboring on attacks planned in airspace Iranian TOSE'EH -- "motion censure with threatened minister Interior" threatened been has Mousavi-Lari Abdulvahed Minister Interior without made officials local of appointments his for impeachment with announced MP an deputies, parliamentary country's the consulting .Sunday YAZD AFTAB-E -- "court crimes war up set to Iran" Committee Policy Foreign and Security National Parliament's to judiciary the empowering bill a of outlines the approved has .Sunday said member committee a tribunal, crimes war a establish NOROUZ -- "Iranians 19 kills accident Road" this in ravine a into plunged passengers 29 with packed bus A insured, others the leaving and spot the on 18 killing city northern .Sunday announced department police traffic local the seriously, some ABRAR -- "meeting Muslim biggest world's from stand clear-cut a wants Iran" of Organization the of members 57 the wants it Sunday on said Iran their when "stand clear-cut" a take to (OIC) Conference Islamic the an for plans .S.U debate to month next Qatar in meet representatives .coalition anti-terror AK/LS End