Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Tuesday's in Headlines from taken were headlines following The -- IRNA 2, Oct Islamabad, :2 October on newspapers Pakistani major News The Musharraf :numbered are days Taliban * Pakistan says Afghanistan, in troops US No * report :Taliban oust to plan covert approves Bush * Pamir in himself digs Osama * Pakistan through money received Hijacker * airspace its in planes US confront will it warns Iran * minister French says legitinate, is Taliban Destroying * Nation The Afghanistan of bombardment massive rejects US * explosion assembly Srinagar in killed 29 * attacked Kabul if oil Saudi free get to Pakistan * spokesman Pak :unbreakable ties Islamabad-Kabul * report :alliance Afghan for aid US Secret * Afghans to linked assets freezes Britain * Kabul in arrives convoy food WFP * Dawn formula set-up post-Taliban on agree alliance Afghan * provinces 3 in sharing power offer Taliban * Indians 31 releases Pakistan * US to extradition against plea Pak in hijackers Palestinian * Pakistan against sanctions lifts Canada * airspace use to US allows Uzbekistan * attack US of consequences dire of warns chief Jamaat Pak * Post Frontier The policy Afghan review to Pakistan says Musharraf * Pakistan in fires rocket mistargeted for apologize Taliban * Taliban beyond action mulls US * presence troops' US deny again Taliban * reviewed being Commonwealth into entry Pakistan's * TK/MMZ/LS End