Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran to fleeing refugees Afghan aiding considers Japan possible considering is Japan -- IRNA-Kyodo-OANA 2, Oct Tokyo, Afghan of needs critical meet help to Iran to aid humanitarian military .S.U a of fears of out country the into fleeing refugees United the in attacks terrorist 11 September the for retaliation .Tuesday said Tanaka Makiko Minister Foreign States, have refugees million 5.1 initial an that estimate one heard I" are We...Iran with border the near arrived or entered already measures specific on decisions our expedite to information gathering .conference press a told Tanaka "aid, humanitarian for responds .S.U the how on depend also will action Japan's said She .Iran in situation refugee the to neighbor another Pakistan, provide to month last decided Japan help to assistance emergency in yen billion 7.1 with Afghanistan, of .refugees Afghan of influx possible the with deal country the to aid grant emergency in yen billion 7.4 of part is money The military .S.U a of repercussions the with cope it help to Pakistan The .Afghanistan in targets terrorist suspected against strike economic as designated been has yen billion three remaining .assistance Sunday on Pakistan in arrived team advance government Japanese A (SDF) forces self-defense of dispatch the for groundwork the lay to fleeing refugees the to supplies relief transport to aircraft .Afghanistan transport to aircraft SDF dispatch to preparations begun has Japan refugees the to distributed be to blankets and tents as such supplies .(UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner High .N.U the of office the through FS/LS End