Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Pakistan in operations cease to company utility state Malaysia's company electric state-owned Malaysia's -- IRNA 2, Oct Lumpur, Kuala down closing temporarily was it that Monday announced Nasional, Tenaga four its recall will and Pakistan, in plant power 235-megawatt its from threat under is country the if there based staff management .Afghanistan neighboring on attacks American was it said Jarjis, Jamaluddin Dr chairman, company's The to whether decide will and there, situation political the monitoring .arises need the if plant power One Liberty its close the taken have we ministry, foreign the of advice the Upon" "home, return to staff four the of families the asking of step first .here newsmen told he Nasional, Tenaga by wholly-owned is which plant, One Liberty The .province Sindh Pakistan's in Daharki, near based is Tenaga to awarded was million, US$450 costs which plant, The project investment sole company's the is and 1995, in Nasional .overseas and engineers three by managed been has plant the said Jamaluddin .nationals Pakistani 60 by assisted and accountant one with contact daily in been also has Nasional Tenaga that added He .Pakistan in Commission High Malaysian the bn/LS End