Oct 2, 2001, 12:01 AM
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anniversary birth Mahatma's celebrates India India in begin celebrations Nationwide -- IRNA 2, Oct Delhi, New Gandhi, Mahatma of anniversary birthday 132nd the mark to Tuesday .Nation the of Father born was Gandhi, Karamchand Mohandas is name full whose Gandhi, western the in Gujarat in Kathiawar Porbandar, in 1869 2, October on .state Indian in and law study to England for Mumbai from sailed he 1888 In .Bar the to called being after India to returned he 1891 of summer the lawyer a as work to Africa South for sailed 1893 April in Gandhi discrimination racial to subjected himself Finding .firm Indian an for in apartheid practiced that regime white then the of hands the in .non-violence of campaign a started he Africa, South to India to returned and forever 1914 July in Africa South left He .1915 in Ahmedabad near (Palace Truth) Ashram Satyagrah the establish Rule Home All-India the of president elected was he 1920 April In of campaign a for resolutions urged successfully and League national its attained India until non-violence and non-cooperation .independence times, several masters colonial the by arrested was he Though this continued and non-violence of strategy his to adhered Gandhi .1947 until policy and ideology on firm be should one that is view world Gandhi's .persistently non-violence of objective the with ahead go should one determination on based be should ideology that believed Gandhi reconstruct and internally ourselves clean should We" .knowledge and order in country the of structure economic and social political, the non-violence, through independence of goal our reach to ".resistance passive and non-cooperation .societies and nations to comes it when broader is view His world a create to able be will we goals these achieving After to non-violence pursue can nation a If .non-violence on based society all, by respected be and prosperity achieve will it then perfection .belief Ghandi's was shot was Gandhi here, House Birla at praying while 1948, January On opposed deadly was who Godse, Vinayak Nathuran fanatic Hindu by dead .amity Hindu-Muslim about bring to efforts Gandhi's to title his deserved who Indian greatest the of life the ended Thus .Nation' the of `Father of IND/LS End