Oct 1, 2001, 12:01 AM
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deals arms new sign to Moscow in minister defense Iran's (background details ADDS) Ali Rear-Admiral Minister Defense Iranian -- IRNA 1, Oct Moscow, deals weapons new negotiate to Monday on Moscow in arrived Shamkhani .year a dollars million 300 about worth be to believed are which greeted was Shamkhani delegation, military high-ranking a Heading .officials military top several by airport the at Russian his and Shamkhani visit, five-day high-profile his During agreement bilateral framework a sign to are Ivanov Sergei counterpart ".non-secret and open" be would which cooperation, military on Tehran in conference press a told Shamkhani departure, his Before issues military bilateral discuss would he visit, his during that well as Sea Caspian the in developments deals, arms signing including .Afghanistan against strikes military .S.U possible as had that contracts military the revive to deals sign will We" is russia with cooperation defense Our .suspended been previously .said he "conventions, international of framework the within 7 Dlrs estimated with Tehran provide to March in agreed Russia only would it says Moscow .years next the over arms of worth billion .weapons defensive supply are Iran to supplies weapons Russia's month last said Ivanov times, soviet the during signed contracts fulfil and small currently .1990s early the or but september, early in russia visit to due was Shamkhani by visit Moscow a with overlapped it because trip his postponed .Sharon Ariel Minister Prime Israel's two the between rapprochement ongoing an of part is trip The which year last December in Tehran to visit a paid Sergeyev .states Mohammad President Iranian by Moscow to visit a by followed was .year this March in Khatami was capital Russian the to state of head Iranian the by visit The sees which States United the alarmed and years 30 nearly in first the a establishing of possibility the having "state rogue" a as Iran .Moscow with cooperation nuclear civil and military of means a as Russia with ties of warming the sees Iran .economy its on sanctions .S.U unilateral of grip the undermining for Iran on sanctions its renewed has which States, United The .Russia by move the for criticized been has years, five another Both .concerns security common share also Tehran and Moscow Sunni radical of wary are Iran Muslim Shi'ite mainly and Russia .Asia central and Afghanistan in movements Islamic a on in cash to eager is reserves, foreign of scrapped Russia, clinch to pledged has and market arms Iranian lucrative potentially .station power nuclear a complete help and sales arms strictly a of is cooperation nuclear the insist Moscow and Tehran will sales that and defensive be will arms say They .nature civilian .obligations treaty international Russia's violate not consider not did it year last States United the told Moscow from it forbid which deal 1995 secret the by longer any bound itself .Iran to arms selling and Gore Al Vice-President .S.U then by to agreed deal, The Russia barred Chernomyrdin, Viktor Minister Prime Russian then conventional of purchases Iranian for contracts new signing from .1999 by completed be to were contracts Existing .weapons AK/AK End