Oct 1, 2001, 12:01 AM
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97.$20 to down price basket weekly OPEC crudes seven of Basket OPEC's of price The -- IRNA 1, Oct Vienna, 65.25 Dlrs with compared week, last barrel a 97.20 Dlrs to declined .ago weeks two Monday, here secretariat OPEC the by released figures to According 27 Thursday to up) year this far so Basket the of price the .barrel a 71.24 Dlrs averaged has ,(September to opposed as 29.24 Dlrs averaged price Basket the Sptember In .July in 73.23 Dlrs and August in 46.24 Dlrs 13.24 Dlrs averaged price Basket the 2001, of quarter 3rd the For .quarter 2nd the in 63.25 Dlrs to opposed as barrel a 60.27 Dlrs averaged Basket the of price the whole, a as 2000 For .1998 in 28.12 Dlrs and 1999 in 47.17 Dlrs with compared barrel, a Indonesia's Blend, Saharan Algeria's comprises Basket OPEC The of Dubai Light, Arabian Arabia's Saudi Light, Bonny Nigeria's Minas, Istmus Mexico's and Juana Tia Venezuela's Emirates, Arab United the .Crude KZ/AK End