Oct 1, 2001, 12:01 AM
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continue will Intifada :Yasin Sheikh Sheikh leader spiritual and founder Hamas -- IRNA 1, .Oct Al-Khalil, uprising, or intifada, Palestinian the that reaffirmed has Yasin Ahmed .continue will apartheid and occupation Israeli against in Lahya Beit in supporters his of 30,000 some before Speaking we which from way, our is this" said Yasin Sheikh evening, Sunday Gaza ".deviate not shall us call They .people our annihilate to sought state apartheid The" the of front in us demonize and dehumanize to order in terrorists Nazis the that ways same the us with following are They .world because succeed, not will you them, tell we But .them against followed occupation, oppression, against fighters and freedom-seekers are we ".win will we and racism and persecution, liberate to struggle our consider they if" saying on went Yasin Jewish of shackles the from freedom achieve and al-Qods dear most our are we then terrorism, this consider they if slavery, and oppression ".this of proud are we and world, the in terrorists first the and Arab on called Gaza, in spokesman Hamas Rantisi, al Aziz Abdul supporting from distracted be to not world the around peoples Muslim .people Palestinian the .Zionism cancerous against line defense first your are We" your after are they Palestine, just than more much after is Zionism ".well as land if choice, only and sole our is intifada the" that added He you becomes self-defense you, subjugate or you kill to wants somebody ".choice only beginning the since significantly increased has popularity Hamas support that believe observers some and ago, year a Intifada the of opinion recent by projected 21% the than higher much is Hamas for KA/NK/KS .polls End