Oct 1, 2001, 12:01 AM
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press UK from Headlines in appeared headlines following The -- IRNA 1, Oct London, :Monday on press UK the Telegraph Daily The * terrorists for place hiding No - suspects extradite and hold to powers Extra - funding cut to shops changing money on curbs Tighter - Taliban say haven, safe in Laden bin have We - Oxford at in moves (Clinton) Chelsea - league depression the leads Liverpool Gloomy - Times The * terrorism cripple to laws New - abuse asylum on Crackdown - seized assets Taleban 60m Pounds - indefinitely held be to Suspects - Laden bin sheltering admits Taleban as war for ready US - sale garage ultimate in offered yacht $100m - Times Financial * terrorism fight to laws New - package rescue Swissair plan Banks - claim Laden bin Taliban's rejects US - plans spending fund to rise could borrowing that hints Government - Guardian The * Laden Bin sheltering admit Taliban - strategy anti-terror out spells PM - stare Shirin's in tragedy Human - death face more millions and children these war, without Even - Independent The * Taliban the on heat the up turns Blair - `indefinitely' suspects terror hold to powers get to Police - Laden bin protecting is it admits regime Afghan - PM says `incontrovertible', is involvement of Proof - borrowing public from funded be will Campaign - conference Labour to start Sombre - Afghans of millions to through trickle to starts aid Western - conflict fleeing KS/KS End