Oct 1, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Monday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 1, Oct Islamabad, .1 October on dailies Pakistani News The ........... Kandahar storm to poised Khan Ismail * team .S.U :set-up interim head to ready Shah Zahir * Osama over hand to unlikely Taliban * collapses govt if war guerrilla long of warns Omar * airport Quetta vacate planes PAF * Zaeef :Afghanistan in still Laden Bin * Afghanistan in friendless becoming Pakistan * Dawn ....... Musharraf :army in extremism No * Taliban toppling for aid offer may .S.U * attack biological of warned Pakistan * Iran :terrorists not groups Resistance * Report :imminent Afghanistan on Attack * Nation The ............. border Afghan cross won't troops peace, for Pakistan * economy revive poverty, fight help to package Aid * Osama to link with Arabs suspect of monitoring Strict * flights all for safe airspace Pak * Arafat kill to wants army Israeli * Osama on agenda govt's skip Ulema * Post Frontier The .................... Zaeef :Afghanistan in still Osama * likely peace for bid Pak New * Islamabad in arrive commandos Japanese * Rumsfeld :Taliban by controlled Laden bin doubts .S.U * border Afghan near games holds army Chinese * Gulf Persian in warships .S.U watching Iran * Observer Pakistan .................... terrorism fight to deal denies Musharraf * soil its from Muslims on attack allow won't Saudia * stand Pakistan on support assures China * Reith :Afghanistan in be may troops Australian * Afghanistan in presence troops .S.U confirm to declines Wendy * MA/BH/AR End