Oct 1, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Pakistanis tells Musharraf disciplined, Be Musharraf Pervez president Pakistan -- IRNA 1, Oct Lumpur, Kuala be to Sunday on Malaysia in working and living Pakistanis told bright a and peace development, achieve to united and disciplined .future Pakistan the at delivered message Day Solidarity National a In think even not could Pakistanis said Musharraf here, Commission High acts coercive and brutal in indulging or encouraging supporting, of .society civilized a to belonged they because we that manner a such in ourselves conduct to have we Therefore," .nation disciplined and united a as ourselves depict of people patriotic and conscious the of expect rightfully I" by nation, dignified a of worthy prove would they that Pakistan the of welfare and integrity national of cause lofty the for striving .said he "generations, future fight its in States United the support to pledged has Pakistan Afghanistan, in harboring those including terrorism, against and York New in Center Trade World the on attacks terror following .11 Sept on Washington in Pentagon the of because Pakistanis some angered however has decision The .countries two the of proximity and ties close two only not were Afghanistan and Pakistan said Musharraf had who countries Muslim brotherly two" but countries neighboring .history and culture religion, f o affinities centuries-old care equally we interest, national Pakistan's uphold we as Just" .Afghanistan of people the of future the for recent the of wake the in that construe to incorrect is It" thinking global emerging the States, United the in attacks terrorist country, Muslim any against is response international the and .Afghanistan including against coalition the in states Muslim the all by Participation" terrorism against directed was it that proves fact in terrorism .added he "alone, Afghanistan with contact constant in was Pakistan said Musharraf .Afghans innocent befalling from hardship more prevent to the exploiting were "elements" some said, he Unfortunately, .interest vested their for there people parochial, of basis the on people innocent inciting were They" of cause the for prejudices, local and sectarian regional, ethnic, .said he "sacrifices, meaningless watching was world whole the saying by speech his ended Musharraf .Pakistan the for sovereignty and stability security, attain can We" he "file, and rank our in unity complete forging by motherland .added and songs Pakistani some sang nationals Pakistan 300 of crowd A .ceremony two-hour during hoisting flag the witnessed bn/BH/AR End