Jul 11, 2024, 11:56 AM
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Strong, prosperous region needs cooperation: Iran pres.-elect

Jul 11, 2024, 11:56 AM
News ID: 85536287
Strong, prosperous region needs cooperation: Iran pres.-elect

Tehran, IRNA - Iran’s President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian, in a special note for the newspaper Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, has emphasized the need of cooperation and constructive interaction between regional countries for sustainable development and enhancement of their global status.

In his note entitled "Together for a strong and prosperous region", Pezeshkian wrote: “Healing the long-standing wound of the occupation of Palestine and solving it is the problem of all of us”. The summary of text was published by the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed is as follows:

Pezeshkian said that he would like to address through this note to brothers and sisters and neighbors in the region at the beginning of his journey as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran after people voted him to the country’s top executive post.  

He called for a step together on the path of constructive dialogue in order to strengthen cooperation and solidarity between the nations and governments of the region, adding that “the eternal teachings of the holy Qur'an and the sayings of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS) are our guiding principles”.

Our geographical surrounding is the same, and in order to achieve a good life, which is the goal of Islam and all heavenly religions, we must work hand in hand by relying on the power of logic instead of the logic of power, as well as using variables of national power, he underlined.

Iran’s president-elect noted that regional countries will not be successful through separate plans but need cooperation and unity for a bright future and of course with the proper use of God-given blessings and exceptional geopolitical position.

He also called for a deep, constructive and purposeful dialogue with the aim of creating regional cohesion and cooperation in various fields, saying it is the only way to overcome the existing challenges and turbulence, and to create lasting peace and security.“At the beginning of my work, I extend the hand of friendship and brotherhood to all the neighbors and countries of the region in order to realize these goals”.  

Pezeshkian stressed that Iran and its Arab and Muslim neighbors have common views and interests on many international and regional issues and said: We all are opposed to the monopoly of global decision-making by a few powers. We all oppose the division of the world and polarization based on the interests of big powers.

He also touched on cultural diversity and stressed the need to eliminate discrimination with respect for all religious values  in other societies and in legal and international institutions. “We all have common responsibility and interests to overcome Islamophobia”.

While mentioning about the decades-old plight of Palestinians, Pezeshkian called it the responsibility of Muslims to heal the long-standing wound of the occupation and solving their problems. 

He said that Iran, while respecting the Palestinian resistance in Gaza against the barbaric attack of the Zionist regime, believes that the Palestinian people must resist to free themselves from occupation and secure their natural and undeniable rights, especially their independence and the right to self-determination

He urged all nations to help Palestinians free from the occupation and end racial discrimination, mass killing, and state terrorism perpetrated by the occupying Zionist regime.

Pezeshkian also denounced terrorism and extremism in all forms, calling them common pain in the region that according to him can be eliminated through cooperation.   

Elsewhere,  Pezeshkian said that regional problems should be resolved through peaceful means not through the military confrontation, which is said, only benefits the occupying regime of Israel and some foreign powers.

“Iran considers the power of its neighbors as its own and believes that the empowerment of neighbors should not be at the expense of each other”, he said, adding that the top priority of Iran's foreign policy is to expand cooperation with its neighbors, and the new government will try to maintain and promote the approach of the previous administration. 

Sustainable peace and stability in the Persian Gulf region and dealing with threats requires cooperation and collective security among its surrounding countries, he emphasized.


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