'Late Pres. Raisi's model is ideal to administer country'

Jul 8, 2024, 3:49 AM
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'Late Pres. Raisi's model is ideal to administer country'

Tehran, IRNA- Iran’s Acting President Mohammad Mokhber says that Late President Ebrahim Raisi’s managerial features should be recorded and turned into a role model for the administration of the country.

Mokhber made the remarks while pointing to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s gratitude to Late President Ebrahim Raisi for his managerial characteristics. 

According to IRNA, Mokhber accompanied the currently government delegation in Sunday afternoon that met with the Supreme Leader, who appreciated the martyred president and his team of administration.

The acting president also pointed to the description of the characteristics of Raisi and said: As the Supreme Leader said, these characteristics and features should be recorded and that the government should follow up on this matter so that it becomes an operational plan and a practical model for the administration of the country's executive affairs.

Mokhber said that one of the features highlighted by the Supreme Leader is work and effort made by Late Raisi until the last day and moment and added: All members of the government should have enthusiasm and determination to serve until the last day and moment of their activity.

The Acting President once again thanked the people for their enthusiastic participation in the 14th presidential election and hailed the Interior Minister and all those involved in the successful holding of the electoral process.

He touched on various issues, inducing urging  the Program and Budget Organization and the Ministry of Education to take the necessary measures as soon as possible to allocate funds and award prizes to the country's Olympiad winners.

In the final part of his speech, Mokhber emphasized the necessity of self-restraint and diligent effort in order to maintain peace and create an atmosphere of amity for work and effort in the country.


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