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Hospital chief: Palestinian prisoners tortured in Israeli prisons

Tehran, IRNA – The head of Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip said that the Palestinian prisoners in the Zionist regime's prisons are facing severe shortages of water and food and are subjected to torture and harassment.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Mohammed Abu Salmiya said that the Israeli regime does not provide medical services to prisoners in its prisons but attacks them against international conventions.

After its aggressive attack on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army is holding thousands of Palestinian citizens, including women and young children, captive, he added.

Al-Shifa Hospital staff are among these prisoners, he noted.

Earlier, the media revealed that the conditions of detention of Palestinian prisoners are similar to the infamous Guantanamo detention center in the United States, he stated.

Hundreds of medical staff were targeted by the occupying regime and several prisoners were martyred due to torture in prisons, Abu Salmiya said.

The head of Al-Shifa Hospital urged international organizations to visit the Zionist regime's prisons where Palestinian prisoners are kept, he added.

We will rebuild the Gaza Strip and Al-Shifa Hospital, he stressed.

The Israel regime has captured more than 9,450 Palestinians in the West Bank, including occupied Quds, along with thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and hundreds of Palestinians in the 1948 occupied territories since October 7, 2023.

According to dozens of documents by relevant institutions, in addition to unprecedented crimes such as torture, starvation, failure to provide medical services and keeping captives in harsh conditions, unprecedented torture against Palestinian prisoners has increased.


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