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Hamas: Israel’s use of Gaza prisoners as human shields ‘a war crime’

Tehran, IRNA – Member of Hamas’s Politburo Izzat al-Risheq has said that the Israeli regime’s use of Palestinian prisoners as human shields in Gaza is a war crime.

“Using Palestinian prisoners as human shields by the Nazi and criminal military of the Zionist regime during its terrorist acts in the Gaza Strip is a crime in full sense, and a blatant violation of the rules of war and prisoners’ rights, and is in disregard for all international laws, conventions and treaties,” the member of the Palestinian resistance movement said on Monday.

This is added to other crimes against Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, which include starving, torturing, medical negligence and field executions, among others, al-Risheq added.

He called on the international community to condemn Israel’s use of Palestinian prisoners as human shields and asked UN courts to add the crime to a lawsuit against the regime for its war crimes against Palestinians.

Al-Risheq’s comments came after Al Jazeera said that it had obtained exclusive footage showing the Israeli military using Palestinian prisoners as human shields to search for explosives in Gaza.


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