Jun 24, 2024, 10:54 PM
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Gaza is most important topic of ACD FMs meeting

Jun 24, 2024, 10:54 PM
News ID: 85519359
Gaza is most important topic of ACD FMs meeting

Tehran, IRNA - Iran's Acting Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani has said that in the statement of the meeting of foreign ministers of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) the most important topic is the association and empathy of the ACD members with the people of Gaza who are in a very difficult situation.

In a joint press conference with the Secretary General of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue Forum, Boranchai Danvivatana, which was held after the meeting of foreign ministers of this forum with the presence of 41 foreign delegations in Tehran, Bagheri Kani stated that in the circumstances that the Islamic Republic Iran is on the eve of the biggest event of this year, which is the presidential election, the meeting of foreign ministers of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue Forum from 41 countries is being held in Tehran.

He said that ministers and general secretaries of international organizations used the opportunity of the Tehran meeting and finalized frameworks for cooperation. "Today the ministers had documents to cooperate with each other and today's output is the final statement that sets the vision of this assembly for another year."

Bagheri Kani further stated that two documents, one of the regulations governing the activities of the Assembly Secretariat and the other of the regulations of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue Forum, were also approved today.

He further said that regarding the regional and global developments and existing challenges, the views of the member countries have been seen in the statement. "The most important topic of this statement is the association and empathy of the members of the assembly with the people of Gaza, who are in many difficult situations. The members expressed their disgust towards the crime of the Zionist regime and demanded a quick stop to the war in Gaza."

He stated that the member countries of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue Forum requested to send humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, adding, "As the chairman of the summit, I feel it necessary to thank the maximum attendance of the member countries and the efforts of Mr. Secretary General and his colleagues. I hope that in the coming period, the efforts and actions of the Secretary General of the Assembly and his colleagues will be able to improve the position of this Assembly in Asia and bring this mechanism forward in the field of international relations."

Bagheri Kani, meantime said the Asian Cooperation Dialogue Forum is one with the largest number of members among other mechanisms in Asia, and this provides a good opportunity for members to express different views.

"I would like to emphasize that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes and supports the promotion of the role of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue Forum as a forum that promotes peace and friendship among Asian countries, and uses all its capacities to achieve the goals of this forum," Iran's acting foreign minister added.

Bagheri Kani said that "we are on the verge of holding presidential elections", adding that about a month ago, "we faced the unfortunate incident of the martyrdom of our dear president and his companions, especially my dear brother martyr Hossein Amirabdollahian".

The senior Iranian diplomat stated that during this period of President Raisi's government, great and unparalleled actions and achievements were made, and one of the most prominent topics was the field of foreign policy, adding, "One of the characteristics of the successful foreign policy of Martyr Raisi's government was that there is no stream of thought in the country that has a difference of opinion on the areas that Mr. Raisi's government paid attention to, including his neighbor-oriented approach.

"The aim of the neighborhood policy is to build mutual trust between the neighbors and to expand as much as possible the fields of cooperation between the countries of the region, to avoid hostility and to choose a political solution and dialogue to face the differences and the commitment of the countries of the region to build endogenous security and try to Economic tension," he added.

While describing the diplomacy of the 13th administration, Bagheri Kani said that in the very beginning of the administration of President Raisi, Iran's relations with some northern countries, which were not in a good situation, went through a growing process. "The best reason for changing the content of these relations was the visits of high-ranking officials of the mentioned countries to Iran and vice versa."

Bagheri Kani stated that "we had good relations with various countries" in the southern region, and stressed, "I thank Saudi Arabia for its efforts to promote bilateral relations and emphasize that there are many fields of cooperation between the two countries, and today in the meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia we have emphasized this issue on both sides."

Our relations with Kuwait and the UAE were upgraded to the ambassador level. Last night, in the meeting with the foreign minister of Bahrain, the last cycle of Iran's neighborhood policy was completed and both sides agreed to provide the necessary arrangements for the restoration of bilateral relations, and in practice, before the end of this period and the holding of the presidential elections, this cycle of politics The neighborhood that was emphasized by martyrs Raisi and Amirabdollahian was completed," he continued.

Bagheri Kani further said that resolving misunderstandings with neighbors, increasing security cooperation with neighbors, including strengthening relations with Turkey and cooperation in the form of fighting terrorism and drug trafficking, and the security agreement with Iraq can be counted in this direction. "Also, improving and strengthening relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan was also in this direction."

He added that the regional mechanism of three plus three, including Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia in addition to Iran, Russia and Turkey at the level of foreign ministers, which was held in Tehran last year, resulted in favorable results in the Caucasus region.

Bagheri continued that Iran's full support for the Palestinian resistance, especially after the proud operation of the Al-Aqsa storm and the pursuit of the martyrs Raisi and Amirabdollahian, led to the holding of two meetings of heads of Islamic countries in Jeddah and Riyadh, and of course the holding of an extraordinary meeting of BRICS with the focus on supporting Palestine, including The achievements and initiatives of our dear martyrs were in the foreign policy of the 13th government.

Iran's acting foreign minister stated that Iran actively participated in all regional and international meetings, even in the United Nations, to support the global consensus in favor of Palestine, and Martyr Amirabdollahian attended the United Nations twice and expressed the oppression of the Palestinian people and condemned the crimes of the Zionist regime. 


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