Jun 20, 2024, 1:05 AM
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Footage shows moment Yemeni army attacked Tutor ship

Jun 20, 2024, 1:05 AM
News ID: 85514497
Footage shows moment Yemeni army attacked Tutor ship

Tehran, IRNA- The Al Jazeera news network has released a video of the moment the Yemeni armed forces attacked a ship named “Tutor” in the Red Sea for violating a ban on vessels heading for ports in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The footage released on Wednesday night clearly shows that the Greek-owned Tutor coal carrier was struck by missiles and an explosive-laden remote-controlled boat, causing huge blast on the deck.

According to IRNA, citing Al Jazeera, the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) confirmed the sinking of the in the Red Sea late on Tuesday and put its blame on the Yemeni army.

The crew reportedly abandoned the vessel after it was struck by missiles on June 12 and sunk a week later, with the UKMOTO citing debris and oil stain at the vessel’s last known location.

All the crew of the ship left the vessel except one who is believed to have been in the engine room at the time of the attacks.

Tutor is the second ship sunk by Yemenis after the UK-owned Rubymar, which was carrying fertilizer, went down on March 2 about two weeks after being struck by the Yemeni army’s missiles.

And just last week. the Palau-flagged Ukrainian-owned and Polish-operated Verbena, which was loaded with timbre and on its way from Malaysia to Italy was hit by Yemenis.

Meanwhile, an official of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement confirmed on Wednesday night that the operation against the Tutor ship was carried out with an explosive boat, two ballistic missiles and several drones.

The official on the condition of anonymity told Al Jazeera that the operation was against the ship which belonged to a Greek company but violated the Yemeni ban on vessels heading to the ports of the Zionist regime in the occupied territories.

 “This ship was targeted in a combined operation in five stages”, he said, adding that the attacks on ships of maritime companies that have other vessels and go to the enemy (Zionist) ports through the Mediterranean Sea will continue.

“Our operations against ships that break the blockade will never stop until the enemy's aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza is stopped”, he emphasized.

The British Maritime Trade Operations Organization had already announced that Yemeni attack had caused the ship to sun in the Red Sea.

In the past months, the Yemeni armed forces in support of the people of Gaza have targeted several Zionist ships or ships carrying goods Israeli ports in the occupied territories. They have pledged to continue attacking such ships as long as Israel’s genocide and occupation of the Palestinian territories go on.


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