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Israeli military, security circles stunned by Hezbollah drone infiltration

Tehran, IRNA – The release of a video of a Hezbollah drone flying over the Zionist-occupied territories has severely shocked and terrified Zionist military and security circles.

In an article titled “Hoopoe video shook the security apparatus of the Zionist regime; the threat message was received,” the Lebanese Al-Ahed news website pointed to the Israeli media’s reaction to the footage released by Hezbollah on the Hoopoe reconnaissance drone.

Zionist media outlets described the mission of the Hoopoe drone as very dangerous, referring to the image of this drone from important military centers in northern occupied Palestine.

Some Zionist sources described the video as a message from Hezbollah in response to Israeli threats, meaning that if the Tel Aviv regime takes any action against Lebanon, the set of Israeli targets will not be limited.

Israeli media also expressed dissatisfaction with the unhindered flight of the Hoopoe drone over the port of Haifa.

These media outlets argued that the timing of this video release is not accidental, but rather coincides with the visit of US special envoy to Lebanon and the Israeli regime Amos Hochstein.

Media outlets reported on Tuesday that a Hezbollah drone entered northern occupied Palestine and successfully took images of sensitive positions in the port of Haifa.


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