Jun 17, 2024, 5:51 PM
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Russian Orientalist: Iranian leader's letter to US students illuminates truth

Moscow, IRNA - Alexander Palishuk, a prominent Russian orientalist and professor said that the letter of Iran's Supreme Leader (of the Islamic Revolution) to the American students who support the Palestinian nation illuminates the truth at a time when Washington seeks to lie and hide the truth from its own people and the world.

For several months, innocent Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli regime in an unprecedented way, and among the dead are thousands of children and women, Palishuk told IRNA on Monday.

Today, people's voices are loud all over the world, even in Western countries, against the massacre of Palestinians, and in the meantime, this wave of protest has spread to the US' society and university students, he added.

He criticized the US police's treatment of students who support the Palestinian people, saying that the US claim about democracy and freedom of speech is only limited to these words; Washington officials do whatever they think is in their interest under the guise of this slogan.

One of the methods of the US' authorities is to lie and keep silent against the truth and hide it, he stressed.

Being aware of the truth for the people of the US and other countries of the world is a great danger for Washington, therefore, they are afraid of revealing the truth and hide it from the people by any means, he stated.

"I believe that the world leaders are responsible for expressing the truth," he said.

If they do not share the truth with their people, the nations will not see the real international scene, and the world will continue to be deceived by the US and the continuation of the Israeli crimes, he added.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei addressing the American students in an open letter, hailed their courageous move to stand in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

In this letter, Ayatollah Khamenei talked about the issue of Palestine and refers to the overwhelming support of students for Palestinians and their cause on university and college campuses across the United States.


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