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Hezbollah could fire up to 3,000 rockets, missiles per day: The Epoch

Tehran, IRNA – The Epoch, an Israeli magazine, believes that in a future war with Hezbollah, this group could fire 1,000 to 3,000 rockets and missiles every day for at least the first week of fighting.

The Epoch in its report believes that Hezbollah could execute an average of 3,000 rocket launches per day into Israeli territory for at least 10 days in a full-scale conflict.

Should the war extend to two months, Hezbollah would likely sustain an average of 1,000 launches daily, the magazine believes.

In addition to rocket launches, Hezbollah is anticipated to employ mortars, anti-tank missiles, drones, and possibly some anti-aircraft missiles in attacks on Israeli military forces maneuvering in southern Lebanon, according to the report.

The group might also deploy heavy short-range rockets against Israeli ground forces, accordingly.


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