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Jordanians concerned about US potential use of local bases to wreak havoc

Tehran, IRNA – The contribution of the United States to the horrific massacre at the Al-Nuseirat refugee camp has raised concerns and debates among Jordanian people about the potential use of American military bases in the Arab country against Palestine and even Jordan.

According to Rai Al-Youm newspaper, some leaked information about the involvement of US forces in the operation to free four Zionist prisoners in the Al-Nuseirat camp in the Gaza Strip created a wave of concern among Jordanian circles regarding the devastating role of the United States in the region.

Rai Al-Youm asked about Jordan’s interests as an Arab state in the region, when it comes to the use of US military bases in the country to support the Israeli war on Gaza.

The media outlet went on to say that there are controversies on the military role of the US in commanding, planning, and executing the operation in the Al-Nuseirat camp and supporting the Zionist regime.

The Arab language newspaper pointed to the fact that Jordanian people are worried about the use of US military bases and equipment against the Palestinians and Jordanians in the future, and that such involvement by the Americans in the operation sends a very negative signal to the region's people, countries, and governments.

The Israeli regime pounded the Al-Nuseirat camp in central Gaza on Saturday, which left 274 martyrs, including 64 children and 57 women. The regime announced the release of four Israeli captives during the deadly operation in the camp.


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