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‘Resistance groups in complete harmony; any ceasefire hinges on cessation of Gaza war’

Tehran, IRNA – The spokesperson for the Palestinian Resistance Committees has emphasized that all resistance groups have given full authority to the Hamas movement regarding negotiations to achieve a ceasefire, and the main condition for any agreement would be a complete cessation of war against Gaza and the full withdrawal of occupiers.

Mohammed al-Breem (Abu Mujahid) said in an interview with IRNA on Sunday that the resistance groups have coherence, complete coordination, and full cooperation with each other, conducting their operations jointly or separately, and they fight against the aggressive enemy with complete flexibility and adopt suitable tactics.

The Palestinian spokesman asserted that the resistance will not accept any agreement that does not fulfill the legitimate demands of the Palestinian nation, particularly a complete cessation of war, military withdrawal of the enemy from Gaza, lifting of the siege, and a prisoner swap.

As to the issue of a potential ceasefire agreement, he noted that this issue would be decided after consultations among all resistance groups, and then a unified decision would be announced. However, Hamas is currently at the forefront of Palestinian resistance, and all resistance groups provided it with full authority to pursue negotiations.

The spokesman added that the enemy attempts to resort to deceitful language in negotiations but the resistance movement persists in the rightful demands of the Palestinian nation.

Al-Breem also stated that in the eyes of the Zionist-American enemies, only the release of Zionist prisoners is of great importance, so after fulfilling this demand, they will restart the massacre of Gaza residents.

Referring to the role of the United States in the Gaza massacre, he noted that Operation Al-Aqsa Storm showed that the US is the main enemy of the Palestinian people, the Islamic Ummah, and all Arab and Muslim countries, as well as all freedom-seekers around the world who struggle for freedom, security, and peace.

The US is fighting against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, murdering the oppressed nation, and financially and militarily supporting the criminal Zionist regime, he argued.


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