Jun 5, 2024, 4:00 PM
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Zionist regime hits residential buildings with white phosphorous in Lebanon

Tehran, IRNA – Human Rights Watch has reported that the Israeli military employed white phosphorus munitions, prohibited in residential zones globally, in an assault on 17 Lebanese settlements.

Since October 2023, the Israeli military has reportedly used white phosphorus munitions against at least 17 settlements in southern Lebanon which has posed a danger to the lives of civilians, leading some of them to leave their homes, reported by IRNA, citing the trans-regional Arabic-language newspaper Rai al-Youm on Wednesday.

White phosphorus is a chemical used in artillery shells, bombs, and missiles that ignites upon exposure to oxygen, and its incendiary effects can cause death from severe burns, organ melting, and severe, lifelong injuries.

According to Human Rights Watch, the mayor of the southern Lebanese town of Al-Bustan stated that at least two residents had been hospitalized due to suffocation from inhaling white phosphorus smoke.

The widespread use of white phosphorus by the Israeli regime in southern Lebanon highlights the need for stronger international laws to deter the use of incendiary weapons.

Hezbollah and the Zionist military have been exchanging fire almost on a daily basis. While the resistance movement targets Israeli military installations, the regime hit residential areas of southern Lebanon causing civilian casualties.   


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