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Eilat's port closed since Yemeni Army operations in Red Sea: Jerusalem Post

Tehran, IRNA – The Jerusalem Post broadsheet newspaper has announced that Eilat’s port ( the only Israeli port on the Red Sea, located at the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba) has been closed since November due to the Yemeni Army's operations in the Red Sea, creating financial stress for the city.

As the Jerusalem Post reported, the Yemeni Army has attacked Israel at least 53 times since the beginning of the war in Gaza on October 7, 2023, according to the US Congressional Research Service.

The Ansarullah movement targets not only the Israeli territory, but also commercial and naval vessels near Bab el-Mandeb Strait as they try to access the Red Sea and the Israeli port of Eilat, the report added, and the city of Eilat and its port on the northern tip of the Red Sea are protected by anti-missile systems, but Eilat’s economy is bleeding, and its port operations have dropped to zero.

As Gideon Golber, the CEO of the Port of Eilat, described the situation to the Media Line, “The Houthis are trying to suffocate Eilat and its economy. The remaining Israeli ports are absorbing shipments delivered through the Red Sea, but Eilat has unused logistics equipment and personnel. If the conflict in the north, between Israel and Hezbollah, further escalates, impacting the ports in the Mediterranean Sea, this could become a national threat.”

Gideon observed that, in addition, “Many ships moving between Israel and Asia need to reroute around Africa to avoid the Houthi attacks off Yemen’s coast. This adds time and costs to the shipments, which also increases the risk of attacks from other places, like the coast of South Africa or the Strait of Gibraltar.”


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