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Martyr Pres. Raisi succeeded in biggest anti-corruption drive: IRNA chief

Tehran, IRNA - Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Ali Naderi has called the government of Martyred Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi a benchmark, that according him, succeeded in accomplishing the biggest anti-corruption campaign in the country in recent decades.

According to IRNA, Naderi hailed the late Iranian president’s fight against corruption during an interview with Ofogh TV on Saturday night.

“Ayatollah Raisi planned to deal with corrupt structures and there were many cases of reforming those structures in the government itself”, he said, adding that the most important feature of Raisi's political thought was that he showed, "we one can have the most important political position in the country without being a power seeker.”

Naderi likened Ayatollah Raisi to former Iranian President Mohammad Ali Rajaei in this regard and said: “What we remember and remind about Shahid Rajaei from the beginning of the revolution was that we can hold the most important position but live a simple life. Ayatollah Raisi not only lived a simple life but also showed that it is possible to hold the most important political position without seeking power".

Naderi argued: “Ayatollah Raisi achieved the biggest anti-corruption campaign in recent decades as his government was the standard one. In these few days, I realized that the approach of the government of President Raisi as well as his own personality, as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, was standard for the formation of the government. A standard government is the one that adopts the administrative model of Mr. Raisi”.

While highlighting different facets of President Raisi's life, he said: “Being a populist and people-oriented is one of the important aspects. His special approach to foreign policy is another important point that needs to be discussed in detail. And, round-the-clock efforts, efficiency and fight against corruption are other important issues”.

The IRNA chief continued: “Ayatollah Raisi was the one who launched, managed and achieved the biggest corruption campaign in recent decades in the Islamic Republic, and he dealt with the worst and put them on trial, and even tried the corrupt ones of the nested structure”.

While explaining other aspects of the martyred president, he said: “Look at the foundation of the intellectual and behavioral framework of Ayatollah Raisi, which aroused the hearts of the people after his departure”.

"Perhaps we didn't realize the depth of his vision at that time, but now we realize that he did not see himself alone, the basis of Raisi's political behavior and discourse was the desire of the Supreme Leader, which is is clearly visible in all his decisions," Naderi noted.

He also stated that “kindness, compassion and humility were parts of the characteristics of Ayatollah Raisi”, which all well indicate him to be a noble and a person with morality.

Naderi, however, raised some questions before explaining them and said: But was this all about Mr. Raisi? I don't think so. The Supreme Leader’s statements that Ayatollah Raisi had other aspects are debatable in the eyes of him and the people who came to mourn and commemorate the martyrs. What characteristics did distinguish Mr. Raisi that caused the people to mourn and express grief over his loss inside and outside the country?

To explain and find the answer, the IRNA chief referred to a statement issued by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution over the martyrdom of Ayatollah Raisi: "A popular and high-value personality in terms of knowledge and eminence, adorned with piety and wisdom, with a brilliant record of management, his firm determination to walk the bright path of the revolution, which is the path of justice, progress and freedom."

Naderi clarified that the Supreme Leader’s message calling Ayatollah Raisi "a zealot, a popular president, with efficiency and hardworking" is something that can be discussed for hours on how Raisi can be recognized as an efficient president from the perspective of the Leader of the Revolution as the first and highest-ranking figure of the system.


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